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Tame, The good part about taming in Durango is that you can do so right at the beginning of the game if you have the proper tools. Also, you can capture and tame any dinosaur that’s within 5 levels of your character. So first up, you’ll need to equip a blunt weapon, such as a stone hammer. For lower level dinosaurs, you approach the dino – such as the Phenacodus – and you run up to the dinosaur and use the weapon to attack the dinosaur. You have to get their life down fairly low and then use the prepared capture button to tame the dinosaur. It’s the web icon over in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

If the dinosaur’s life is low enough, the capture process will begin. It’s very similar to using the blunt weapons or the tranquilizers in ARK: Survival Evolved in order to knock the dinosaurs unconscious and then tame them with food to capture them.

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Benefits[ | ]

Once the dinosaur has successfully been tamed, you can change its name, cancel a call, bag it, feed it or ride it.

You can keep your dinosaurs in a base, feeding them and taking care of them, very similar to ARK: Survival Evolved.

A lot of people were also asking how to get straps, and a few commenters were helpful in letting them know that they’re from the bush stalks in the water, and you can collect them to get the straps.

The Tame in Durango.